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Personal Assistant & Errand Services Lexington, KY

Personal Assistant & Errand Services Lexington, KY

Personal Assistant & Errand Services Lexington, KYPersonal Assistant & Errand Services Lexington, KY

What We Do

Grocery Shopping & Delivery

grocery shopper in lexington ky

We will grocery shop with you, for you, or just deliver your groceries if you prefer to shop online. We will even put groceries away if you'd like.

Senior Assistance

Senior assistance Lexington KY

 We help seniors manage routine tasks,  administration, home projects, get to appointments, use computers/electronics, run errands, shop, take care of pets, and more.

Errand Service

Errand service in Lexington KY

  We are efficient and know Lexington like the back of our hand. We will coordinate and run time-consuming errands for you. 

Personal Organization

Personal organizer Lexington Ky

We will clean out and reorganize spaces, box and store items, take things to donation centers, help you prepare for a garage or home sale, and more.  

Appointment Companion

transportation and appointment companion in Lexington KY

We will be your appointment companion for outpatient surgery, pick up any prescriptions or items you need, get you food, and safely back home. 

Vacation Home Care


When you're away we will bring your mail in, water plants, feed pets, turn lights on and off, and generally make sure your home is well taken care of.

Personal Shopping

Personal shopper in Lexington KY

We will do your personal and gift shopping, whether online or in stores. We will also wrap and mail presents, and handle those burdensome returns. 


Transportation service in Lexington KY

 Whether you have health issues, are a senior who no longer drives or a parent balancing work and children's activities, we will get you or your loved ones there.  

Help with Pets

pet care in lexington KY

We will walk dogs, feed your pets, transport them to the vet, groomer or day care, and pick up food and supplies.

Personal Assistance

Personal assistant in Lexington KY

We will help you manage routine administrative tasks, make reservations, coordinate event to-do's, schedule service personnel, and more. 

Computer & Electronics Help

personal assistant in lexington ky

Smart phones, computers, tablets, TV's, and other electronics can cause a lot of frustration. We have experience with these devices and will help you out.   

Oversee Service People

Personal assistance in Lexington KY

Who has time to wait at home for hours until service people show up? We will do that for you, make sure they do their job, and lock up when they leave.

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